My chevron striped dress – McCall’s 6754

7 My chevron striped dress   McCalls 6754 Today I finished up a chevron striped dress… view D of McCall’s 6754. I made it out of some gorgeous cream and black striped swingy knit. I adore black and white stripes, it’s one of my favorite patterns. I was very excited to sew this dress pattern with the fabric, so I could do the awesome chevron look on the bodice! The fabric was kind of a pain to sew with, however. Something about it made the thread skip annoyingly no matter what. I ended up doing all the body seams with a triple stitch, just to make sure the seams won’t bust. I ended up sewing a straight medium with no adjustments – I felt like the fabric had enough stretch to make it work without an FBA. And I was right! it turned out just fine. I found the pattern instructions very easy to understand, but I made a few modifications just because that’s how I wanted to work.  I didn’t do a narrow hem for any of the hems like suggested. I did a binding for the neckline, because I felt like it would look neater and I wanted to play with making bias stripes. I also skipped hemming either the sleeves or skirt hem… my stitches were skipping so much I thought it would be messy looking. I just serged them to finish them, which is a look I like anyways. A few things about this pattern – there is a seam in the center back of the bodice and the skirt. I like the seam in the center back bodice for the purposes of making the stripes come together in a chevron shape, but if I was doing a plain or floral print fabric, I would eliminate it. Also, the center back skirt seam is completely unnecessary in my opinion. It’s just another seam to sew, and it really doesn’t have any purpose whatsoever. Also, this pattern calls for putting an elastic band inside the waist seam. When I read this, I was like PSSSHHHHHH whatever. But, it’s worth doing! It makes the dress suck into your waist neatly and really makes a nice neat silhouette. One last thing, I am not sure what is going on with the sleeves. They aren’t flutter sleeves and the seem to be very wide. I am happy with the way the look for this dress, but for the next one, I’m going to narrow them. Overall though, it’s quite a fun dress and easy to sew up!

4 My chevron striped dress   McCalls 6754 Also, it makes my boobs look huuuuge! Haha!

3 My chevron striped dress   McCalls 6754

2 My chevron striped dress   McCalls 6754

1 My chevron striped dress   McCalls 6754

This is one of those dresses I love so much that is as effortless to wear as a tee shirt! All you have to do to look put together is throw one on with a pair of cute shoes. I can’t wait to make another one!

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12 Responses to My chevron striped dress – McCall’s 6754

  1. Scarlett says:

    It’s perfect! I love it! :D
    It has a stylish vintage look that is fresh and


  2. Velosewer says:

    This is such great work. Amazing.

  3. Ali says:

    This looks AMAZING on you! Great job!

  4. Mindy says:

    That pattern looks great on you! The binding is wonderful touch. I just started my version of this dress last night and now I can’t wait to finish it! I’ve seen a few other versions of this dress and several people seem to have the wide sleeve issue. One blogger mentioned that she wound up taking a full 2″ off.

    • Rachel says:

      Yay! I hope you love how yours turned out too! The sleeve is really odd… it’s not to hard to make a raglan sleeve that fits so I have no idea why they did that!

  5. Lani says:

    This looks really great on you! I will have to hunt down this pattern :)

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